Team Hunter
Holden, MO

Bobby grew up near Odessa, MO and began hunting at a very young age alongside of his father and older brother. There is nothing in the world that he enjoys more than pursuing big, mature NW MO whitetail deer. To him, it’s more than just a mere hobby, it has become a major part of his life. Whether he is scouting, evaluating stand locations, shed hunting or setting and checking game cameras, hunting is on his mind daily. With over 150 deer harvested throughout his many years of hunting he has gained much knowledge and respect for the most amazing creature that God has placed on this earth. He is excited at the opportunity given to share his love for hunting with his son Brody and his daughter Brystal. Bobby has realized that good day hunting isn’t about necessarily harvesting an animal, it is about the time spent in the outdoors. Bobby has always wanted to share with others what he has been blessed to experience while in the woods and now filming hunts is a way for him to accomplish this. Bobby has also taken up Taxidermy in his spare time and his business is thriving.