by Derek Dirnberger
Looking for the perfect gift for a hunter?
If you're looking for a gift for a hunter, and you're not a hunter, it can be a pretty tough task to find the right gift unless you're just going to get that special person a gift card.  But that's not real "special" is it?  Here are some gift ideas that almost every hunter would love to have!

There are a few things that deer hunters can never have too many of and one of those items are trail cameras. In my opinion, there is not a better camera for your money than the Strike Force HD Pro from Browning Trail Cameras. This camera has all the features that hunters desire....easy setup, high resolution images and video, long battery life and it's a dependable camera.  Visit to view all the features of the Strike Force HD Pro and be sure to check out the other models of Browning Trail Cameras as well.

Every hunter could use a good hand saw and the Browning Speed Load Saw is a great option! The Browning Speed Load Saw comes with two interchangable blades, a wood saw blade and a bone saw blade. The saw and the two blades come housed in a nylon pouch for carrying convenience. The feature I really like is the auger screw that folds out from the bottom of the handle allowing you to take a sapling or limb to make a pole saw in the field.  Here's a link to a video showing the features of the Speed Load Saw.

Here are a couple great gift ideas for the hunter and nonhunter alike. For the hunter who'd like to video their hunts, the iScope allows you to mount your smartphone to your scope giving you the opportunity to video the hunt. The iScope also makes it easier for a youth hunter to find their target using a's a great training aid! For both the hunter and nonhunter, the iSpotter connects your smartphone to a spotting scope which allows you to take pictures or video of your sight window. The best thing, your smartphone acts as a display monitor for everyone to see through the spotting scope at once.  Here's a video to see what the iSpotter is all about.

If you need a spotting scope to go with your iSpotter, the Vortex Viper HD is an outstanding option!

For long-range observation, Viper® HD spotting scopes put incredible viewing at your fingertips. Count on HD (High Density) extra-low dispersion glass for impressive resolution and color fidelity and XR fully multi-coated lenses for maximum brightness. Easily the best way to locate your trophy without putting a mile on your boots.

Visit for more information on the Viper HD Spotting Scope and other Vortex items.

Serious deer hunters prepare year round and Banks Outdoors has the serious deer hunters covered.  With the Banks Outdoors Feed Bank feeders, you make sure your bucks have all the nutrition they need to grow giant antlers.  With the Banks Outdoors Stump blinds, you can be sure your special hunter is warm and toasty during the coldest months of deer season.  The new Stump 3 is also big enough for another person to tag along for the hunt.  Visit for more information on all their products.

Remember me saying there are a few items that deer hunters can never have too many of? One of those items are tree stands. But if there was just one tree stand to have, the HAWK WARBIRD VIZION climber is the one to have!

Lightweight & razor thin frame meets supreme comfort for the next-generation of climbing technology. MeshComfort™ Backrest & hammock net style seat combine for the unbeatable comfort HAWK® has become known for. An added VIZION™ footrest extends out for relaxed, lounging support, while easily flipping into a full weapon support. Visit to see all the products HAWK has to offer.

I'm a backpack junkie...literally.  I have a dozen backpacks hanging in my hunting closet that just weren't the perfect pack to fit my needs. I need a pack that not only carries my hunting gear but my camera as well.  I've finally found the perfect pack in the ALPS OutdoorZ Raptor X. It's been my go to pack for the last two years and it's still in great shape....which is unbelieveable given the hell I've put it through. If you have a hunter that videos their hunts, the Raptor X is the perfect pack for them. If they don't bring a camera with them on their hunts, no problem...ALPS OutdoorZ has many packs for any type of hunt. Visit to view all the options available.

Do you need a gift idea for a turkey hunter or waterfowl hunter? Get them the best shotgun choke tube on the market from Indian Creek Shooting Systems. Hunting with a shotgun is all about the shot pattern and Indian Creek has proven to be the best in the industry by taking home multiple awards during the NWTF National Convention year after year. All you need to know is what type of shotgun your hunter uses and Indian Creek will have the right tube for you.  Visit for more information.

Everyone needs a good cooler to keep food and drinks cold.  Hunters need a good cooler to keep game meat cold during processing or transport.  Bison Coolers will keep everything cold for days on end with sizes to fit any need....a 12 pack of can up to coolers big enough to fit an elk!  It's also nice to bring hot coffee to the blind or stand with you on cold mornings.  Bison has hunters covered with an assortment of drinkware and if you're interested in getting your drinkware customized, Bison can etch your message into their drinkware.  Visit to see what's available.

Maybe you don't have a hunter that needs a gift or maybe your hunter has it all.  In that case, what about a donation to an organization dedicated to helping veterans and active duty military members adjust to civilian life by taking them on hunting, fishing and outdoor adventures?  The Kniestedt Foundation has literally changed the lives of some of our country's heroes.  If you'd like to support this great organization and our country's soldiers, please visit for more information and make a donation.