Team Hunter
Durham, MO

Ryan grew up in Durham, MO, a small town in northeast Missouri. He's been hunting since childhood on his family farm. As a boy, you could find Ryan hunting just about everything with his father and grandfather. Early in his hunting career he was introduced to filming and capturing every aspect of hunting and the great outdoors through a lens. Today, you will not find Ryan in the woods without a camera, but his primary passion is introducing the next generation to hunting and the lessons associated with hunting. Ryan and his hunting partner Stephen Jones can be found in the woods year round either helping out with predator control, shed hunting, managing new farms, planting food plots, or checking Browning Trail Cameras. Ryan has a passion for every species of game, but he will most likely be found bowhunting deer or turkey. Ryan finds time between filming for The Break to introduce youth, women, or new hunters to hunting through an organization called Midwest Obsessions LLC, he also spends time volunteering in his community as a fireman and coaching a local baseball team!