Team Hunter
Columbia, MO

From an early age Stephen fell in love with hunting, with whitetails especially. As his passion grew, it became more than just seeing and harvesting, and more about managing of all the bucks that roam his parent’s farm. Growing up in Northeast Missouri, there wasn’t a shortage of big bucks to learn and pursue. Gun hunting was the earliest form of hunting he can remember learning with his dad. Later, archery hunting truly became his passion. Stephen eats, breaths, and sleeps whitetails, making him a very patient and close to fanatical hunter. Anymore, hunting is just half the fun as planting food plots; making land improvements and, doing freelance taxidermy. Filming with his buddy Ryan has become part of his year-round hunting routine. When Stephen is not working with deer, he his busy spending time with his fiancé, Jenna and hanging out with family.